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The Holiday Gift Guide for Wine Lovers

The Holiday Gift Guide for Wine Lovers

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Kick back with a glass: your holiday shopping just got easier

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The best wine gifts to give this holiday season.

The holiday season is ruled by wine: wine at parties, wine at dinner, wine while watching It's a Wonderful Life... so there's no excuse to not gift the season's hottest wine acessories to the oenophiles in your life.

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A bottle of wine has become the standard for holiday gifts for the hostess, the in-laws, and the coworkers in your life. After all, it's a cinch to pick up a couple of extra bottles when shopping for your own holiday emergency kit — er, your wine collection. But nothing screams "I put no thought into this gift at all!" than an impersonal bottle of wine. How to gift a bottle of wine with more effort: look for a unique label or packaging, like the Wines that Rock collection, a gift sure to rock your music lover's world. Or, get the Veuve Clicquot Ponsardin, a tongue-in-cheek "sardine" package for a classic bottle of champagne.

There's a wine gift for everyone: the wine novice, the entertainer, the newlywed, and the wine country traveler. Click through our 11 gifts for wine lovers, and be sure to reward yourself with a glass of wine for shopping well done.

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