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Baked smoked ciolan (in ceramic bowl)

Baked smoked ciolan (in ceramic bowl)

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The ciolan is washed and boiled in salt-free water with bay leaves. Be very careful, the water always covers the stalk, otherwise the mouse dries and becomes inedible.

After the ciolan has boiled, take it out on a plate (it should not be boiled until it falls off the bone, only until the fork enters the meat, up to the bone). Meanwhile, prepare the ceramic pot, fill it with water for at least 1 hour.

We cut the cleaned and washed potatoes into 4, we do the same with the finely chopped carrot, dill and parsley. Season them with salt, paprika, pepper and mix well with ½ tablespoon of lard and pepper not very quickly cut into slices, in a bowl. Meanwhile, the cooled ciolan is placed in the ceramic bowl on the sieve and the garlic clove, it is greased well on the whole surface with the remaining lard. Next to the ciolan are placed the already seasoned potatoes and the semi-smoked sausages. Add 50 ml of water (no more!) Cover the bowl and put it in the hot oven over medium heat for about 2 hours (until the potatoes are done and notice that the meat has begun to fall off the bone).

The plate is served hot with horseradish or pickles.

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