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Lesbian Couple Accepts 'Ace of Cakes' Wedding Cake and More News

Lesbian Couple Accepts 'Ace of Cakes' Wedding Cake and More News

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In today's Media Mix, Le Bec Fin gets a new chef, plus chicken and waffles chips

The Daily Meal brings you the biggest news from the food world.

Le Bec Fin Chef Shuffles: After seven months under a new owner, the Philadelphia restaurant has parted ways with the executive chef and executive pastry chef, Walter Abrams and Jennifer Smith. [Fobooz]

Todd English's 'Truffled Potato Love Letters': In a review about seven days aboard the Queen Mary, Dwight Garner finds that Todd English's restaurant aboard the ship is not only smug, but also romantically self-satisfied ("in a Nicholas Sparks kind of way.") [NY Times]

'Ace of Cakes' Free Wedding Cake Accepted: After being turned away from a local Oregon bakery, a lesbian couple has agreed to accept Duff Goldman's offer of a free wedding cake, despite already buying a cake from bakery Pastrygirl. Goldman will be preparing a bride's cake. [Oregon Live]

New Potato Chip Flavors: Sometime this week, cheesy garlic bread, chicken and wafffles, and Sriracha will all be chip flavors, instead of actual food and condiments. Nice try being trendy, Lay's. [National Geographic]

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